The Healthy Lush Guide To Drinking


The Healthy Lush:  A Guilt Free Guide to Nutritious Drinking and Living a Lush Life is a lighthearted and informative new book that stresses the importance of taking care of yourself so that drinking can be a part of a healthy life.

The Healthy Lush book features content on avoiding hangovers, healthier cocktail recipes, organic liquor sources – and even short blurbs, anecdotes and habits about alcohol consumption from around the world.

We cover beer and wine, liquor, and mixers.  We address the best – and more importantly – the worst foods to eat before, during and after a night out. If that possible hangover happens, we offers steps to mitigate the symptoms.

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Brooke and Ann


The newest edition of The Healthy Lush  is complete and is now  available.  You can purchase The Healthy Lush on Amazon.